Waiting on nothing

Do not wait for what you desire.  As soon as you activate a feeling of not having and waiting for, you activate a vibration that is amplified by the external and repeated.  As soon as you decide to activate a vibration of having what you desire, choosing it and being it, you then activate the very thing you are intending and instantly manifest it.  Then, the external can respond to amplify this.   

As you have heard, you can not have what you do not choose to be.   This is the truth of abundance or anything else. Your experience is simply a reflection of what you are choosing to be vibrationally. If you want to change it, it’s not just your thinking that you change – it is your being.  Find the practices that assist you in changing your vibrational state.  Align , allow and let go of the blocks, the traumas, the meaning that tells you “all is NOT well and alway is.”

As you let go of what serves you no longer – the limited thinking, the separation, the skewed perspectives – and you allow the inspiration of your highest knowing to guide, you will choose to manifest in each moment, the most fulfilling vibrations and experience bliss in ways never realized in this limited identification you release.


And so it is.

(Channelled by John Stringer)

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