There are no words for truth

The reality is there are no words for truth. The words you use are just symbols for the vibrations and frequencies they carry. The truth is there are no words for anything because there is nothing but consciousness and source energy. You have created the meaning for it all because you have the power to do so and you have chosen to use that power to create a multitude of meaning. Some of this meaning is being released by you and some is being made a new. You have realized that many of the words, the labels, the meaning you have created is not in alignment with who you truly are and as you release these labels, these words, these ideas, you begin to awaken to the power of healing through letting go. You are letting go of the investment of meaning and belief as you align, allow and let go, and it is bringing about your true nature through the essence of what you are and who you are. You are indeed here to be the light and to enjoy the bliss that you are, however, if you continue to hold on to the things that cause separation beliefs and skewed perspectives of limitation, you will do nothing but suffer.

This is a clear warning that the only thing you truly have to fear is your own belief in separation. It is the cause of fear. It is not a matter of facing your fears as it is letting them go by releasing the beliefs causing them. This is the purpose of this message and we hope that you will head it in your practices. Let go of the fear of expanding into the abilities you have been provided and expand into the joy of conscious creation – the blessing of enjoying the illusion without resisting the ever temporal nature of it or identifying with it and thus limiting yourself in your own beliefs. The suffering is optional. Yes, it is a great teacher, but at some point, when you have had enough, remember who you are. Limitless love and light!

And so it is.

(Channeled by John Stringer)

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