The shame and guilt of your past is gone

Know that the shame and guilt of your past is gone. It is only an illusion as there is no right and wrong. There is only perfection. All that has ever been created is only a creation of your own that you have given belief to, invested your power in and made seem real. However, nothing you have ever created as a perfect, holy, divine creator, has ever changed your eternal perfection and divinity. You have merely traded your knowing in for forgetting, given up your awareness of all you are for a parody. That parody you call humanity, personality and the like, is a false identity that appears powerless, but the true you, the eternal you, is forever shameless, guiltless and divine. Do not worry about the shame and guilt of your past for it never really existed. It has always been a figment of your imagination. Do not fear harm, do not worry about death and sickness, do not be phased by the appearance of the things of this world. For the ever changing illusions is full of beauty but not real. Until you are willing to give your attachment up to such things, you will continue to create an experience of suffering that teaches you what it feels like to believe you are less than you truly are.

And so it is.

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