Shaking Irritable Feelings

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I received this guidance and thought it might be helpful to share…..

How do I shake the low vibration / irritable feelings?

There is no need to shake these feelings but you need focus on accepting and not judging them.

If you feel into the state of mind that you are in it will open you up to receive new ways of being, new ways of creating the life you want. You must remember it is the resistant to what is that causes the suffering .  There is not suffering in the low vibrations until you give it that meaning.

You must accept as things change and flow in life . It will always be that way. Your job is that of allowing and being in the moment. Letting go of the thoughts of I don’t want it to this be this way when it is what is it is. Find ways to calmly be in the moment and smile. Smile through what you might perceive as suffering and you find yourself shifting.


And so it is

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