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Master Moment Makers Membership Benefits


  • Monthly Live Webinars/Trainings on Spiritual Development, New Techniques/Exercises, Q & A and much more.

    Exclusive trainings on a rotating monthly focus created by John and Arlene. The trainings, techniques and exercises along with the sharing of results, experiences and new questions, keep members aligned to life and decisions and making moments while continually operating as a space to grow and get more wisdom and clarity of purpose.

  • Private Facebook Group Access to the Triple M Lounge (Master Moment Makers!)

    FB Lives are held throughout the week so you can get real time guidance from Arlene and John as they personally track your successes, progress, questions and experiences.  It’s like having an affordable channeling and alignment coach that is honouring your commitment to this process!

    Note: The MMM Lounge (Master Moment Makers) is a private support group to connect with John, Arlene  and like minded members to share insights, seek guidance, or ask and answer questions from other MMM’s as you move through your practice of the trainings and exercises.

    Please note: It is a secret group; your privacy is our priority

  • Frequent Co-channeled messages from John and Arlene - specific readings to group membership to augment your guidance, understanding and choices.

    Frequent Co-channeled messages from John and Arlene that are specific readings to group membership to augment your guidance, understanding and choices.  These Co-channeled messages will range from specific and practical to universal principles that will assist you in aligning with Source and expand your awareness on how to clarify what you desire to create and how to create it in your life. 

  • Weekly Facebook Live sessions/TRAININGS

    Chat with John, Arlene and other members in an open forum via these live ‘conference calls’. There are often opportunities to submit your questions in advance, ask them live, or just sit back and listen to the experiences and perspectives of other members. Questions on personal development, interpreting messages, overcoming spiritual blockages and more are all welcome. There are no expectations for each of these sessions, just open minds.

  • Discounts and Priority Registration for Retreats/On-line Shop and Services

    Our first sold-out retreat, “Source, Intuition & Spirit Guides” was a wonderful success and we plan to host many more both in the US and beyond.  You’ll get access to early registration on all special events and sessions at a discounted price. Savings will also be offered in our future SHOP online!

  • Member's Meditation Room & Video Library

    Access a growing number of articles and audio /video recordings of different guided meditations and courses for you to enjoy and bring into your practice. Meditations to align, creating peace within yourself and with the world, work with Energy (clearing, healing, receiving), meet your angels and spirit guides, focus on enhancing clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, getting messages and readings for yourself or others. Video tips and techniques to incorporate aligned intuitive living into your everyday life.

Additional Benefits

If ANY of the above statements are attuned to where you are or would like to be…

If you are captivated by understanding all that you are

If exploring your spiritual nature and ‘getting’ how to it is interwoven into your physical self

We’d love to be part of helping you feel more energized, fulfilled, elevated and aligned.


New content will be uploaded every single month for you to continue learning, growing and evolving. This generally includes channeled wisdom from a spiritual being or group.

  • John and Arlene believe it’s time more than ever to re-awaken to who we are, with each other and with the Universe / ALL or the infinite energy out there!

  • Life is ALWAYS going to be full of opportunities, challenges, hurdles and “what the hecks” Yes, sometimes it seems to send hurdles, challenges and curve balls. Yet, at times it feels totally synchronized, harmonious, balanced and even Divine?

  • We all want everyone to have more of the Divine and less of the hurdles. And yet, when they come, it’s our mission to help everyone to move through them with clarity, understanding, grace and intuition.

When someone comes to me for a reading, they and their guides are conveying to me what they most need to hear in that moment.  Each client is reminding themselves of what they need to hear right now to take action in their lives or to heal. It's incredibly rewarding and I learn so much for myself with each reading as that gift of reciprocity is not taken for granted!

Arlene Moshe
Arlene Moshe Co-Founder

To experience life in a way that is most fulfilling requires a commitment to alignment with the Source of all life from moment to moment. This takes finding practices that work for you.  We are committed to embodying and sharing those practices in the hopes that you find what assists in your journey as we raise our collective frequencies to choose even higher good!

John Stringer
John Stringer Co-Founder

John and Arlene can’t wait to connect with you more and help you to align, discover and follow YOUR truths and Divine Nature!

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Warning: Joining this membership site is likely to bring about change in your life as you learn to align, read, understand and work with energy that you’re moving and shaking. Join us below!