On Alzheimer’s and Dementia

What if Alzheimer’s and Dementia were ways life allowed us to make the transition into the next phase of our lives (a.k.a. leaving the body) easier for us?  Though some of the things we see with dementia seem painful when experiencing it, what if it were Life’s way of letting us see how we are creating fear with the beliefs we are still holding on to? What if it is a way to gently amplify what we are still holding on to so we can face it and move through it before we leave the body: a way to give us the lessons we need that we may not have faced otherwise? What if it were grace in action and those who go through it are actually taking the next steps in the process that will help them face the lessons they have put off? Non-attachment, facing fears, etc.?  These are all parts of the journey to wholeness that Dementia and Alzheimer’s help those who came to experience them experience.

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