My short story and why I do what I do

Like you, I have a story that is interesting and seems to shift. I’ll briefly give you the perspective on it I currently have, with a warning that it will change, too.

So, let us begin. Born into an existence that had me believing I was somehow separate from oneness, I judged myself, believing in the concept of right and wrong. As I began to desire something different than the suffering, I began to seek and find. I began to recognize there was another option. Rather than suffer, I could surrender and remember.

I now remember in oneness, there can be no right or wrong. Judgment, self condemnation, guilt, and shame have no place in reality because oneness reveals the meaninglessness of the separate illusion. When I align and listen, I’m guided by my knowing to see that all my “past” is a story of my own choosing and creation. When I am ready to release it, the meaning, huts, shame, guilt and all the other parts of it I hold on to as real, I can be free of suffering. However, I must recognize I can not release it from a state of separation. I must align and allow my knowing to guide me and correct my thinking on it in order to release what no longer serves me.

So, that’s my story right now… and again, it will certainly change, as I intend to release identification with it as soon as I can. Lol

Love and light!

John Stringer

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