Motivation through alignment

It is easy to get into the habit of procrastination as you call it, or feeling as if you need to do something that you are not, subconsciously putting something off. There are ways this shows up in life and the remedy for them all are the same: alignment… but first, let us bring to your awareness some of the ways this appears.

There are times where you think of something you’d like to do and then you have a visceral response and it doesn’t feel good to you. This is coming from stored meaning and emotion based on some past interpretation of events that has you feeling incapable, hurt, or simply fearful. Instead of going through this feeling and aligning to uncover or bring conscious the unconscious interpretation causing the discomfort, you avoid the feelings and never get to the bottom of the meaning so it can be released. You therefore choose to make the meaning real and get stuck in the feeling, but push it out of your awareness instead of healing/correcting the meaning. This is why you repeat the avoidance in the idea that triggered the meaning. Whatever the action you thought of was, you put it off to avoid the feelings it triggers and you choose to resist instead of align, allow and let go.

Similarly, when you find yourself not motivated, there are emotions and blocks preventing your natural flow of energy. You simply need align and allow source energy to expand your awareness you can become conscious of the meaning your are choosing subconsciously about life and once conscious, allow source to bring about correction. You may engage source in whatever way works best for you. Yes. Whether as extensions of yourself through spirit guides, through coaches, through angels, or through your direct connection to Source, that which you are in part and in whole!

However you choose to engage what you are to receive the correction/the knowing, as you allow and let go of the meaning… allow the feeling and let go of the meaning causing it to get stuck… you free yourself from the belief that is limiting your flow and you release the feeling, the emotion that is uncomfortable and stuck. Then, your energy flows in the way that is best and highest for where you want to go and you take action. Your motivation returns and you find yourself once again aligned and allowing, letting go of what does not serve you and following inspired action once again.

This is how you follow the motivation, the inspiration that comes through alignment.

And so it is.

(Channelled by John Stringer)

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