Letting go

Part of letting go is letting go of all that is telling you something is wrong, not right or not well. This includes the feelings you interpret as wrong… it is not the feeling that needs to be gotten rid of.. It is the meaning or the interpretation that needs to be released for this causes suffering through your resistance of what is. Accepting what is and letting go of the misinterpretation of the feeling allows you to release energy being spent judging and miscreating resistance and allow that energy to be used in a way that does not cause suffering. The way to allow that energy to be used for a way that creates peace is to accept the feeling, allow it to be and simply align so that the correction can take place to help you release the meanng, the blocks that caused you to misinterpret what is in the first place. How this happens in particular is completely up to your highest self which knows exactly how to correct the perspective and remove the block. This is not for your logical mind to figure out. It is for your will to allow the highest self, highest consciousness to sort and shift as needed. So, the letting go of the need to analyze and “understand” what is going on is replaced by a surrender to the knowing that gives you whatever you need to realize what you are holding on to in the first place so you can let it go.. If you allow and decide to.

This is the part of the Align, allow, let go meditation that helps you release consciously whatever is blocking your experience of the peace that is already here. You are simply miscreating the sense of no peace though your resistance and miscreated meaning – misinterpretation of what is.

So, to put it simply, when you let go, focus on letting go of the beliefs and labels, the judgments and meaning you have created about what you are experiencing and know that only thoughts that assure you all is well with what you feel or experience or thoughts in alignment with what truly is.

Let go of anything that tells you otherwise. Your practice of alignment will assist you in doing this… will expand your awareness so you know what you are holding on to subconsciously so you can consciously release it and allow the source energy to clear the block. Then, relief and peace, the letting go of the suffering can unfold. Yes.

And so it is.

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  1. It’s amazing- when I look at how much the meaning can have hold, and sometimes it’s a letting go in layers but it’s the awareness at the moment of the meaning that I’m feeling grateful for. xo

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