Know that all is well

It is not hard to be in the now, to be centered, present, aligned. Whatever label you assign to this state, the key is finding the practices that assist you in experiencing it from moment to moment. We use the word align because it is the closest translation to point to what we are referencing but to truly know what we are pointing to you must align. This brings the experience, the knowing. Let go of your expectations of what this process means, what it yields, etc. and just practice it. Alignment brings you everything you need in the moment by guiding and expanding your awareness so that you can see the all that is available to you as well as the choices you’re making. If you are ready for a different experience, align so that you might choose differently.

The simplicity of this practice is your saving grace, if you will. It is not something beyond you. Just by giving your will to the practice, you can experience the relief it brings. Alignment lets you release suffering. If you are not aligned, you are in resistance, distracted by something unreal, and thus in a state of perpetual suffering. The temporal thrill that you get is your own creation and does not last because it is not the eternal essence you are focused on. You are experiencing the eternal essence at all times, though limited by your choosing to believe in limitation instead of limitlessness.

You are limitless in every way. Only you choose to experience that limitless or not, but it does not change the fact of what you are. For your nature is changeless. You will always be all powerful, limitless in what you can create. Should you let go of the illusion that you are limited and align with who you truly are, you begin to shed the ego, the conditioned thinking that comes up with een a meaning for what it means to be all powerful, and instead, you see this power in terms of love, limitless love and light.

We are guiding you ever so gently with not just words and pointers, but with frequencies activated to assist you in letting go. Should you wish to release any suffering, simply know that your guides, the extensions of yourself, are here to assist in your awakening and all you need to is ask. Source, that which you are an extension of, is ever present, ready for you to engage your will so that it might say yes to your requests. It is up to you to receive by saying yes. By letting go of the unworthiness beliefs, by releasing the attachments to the old creations and beliefs and making way for the new.

The new is emerging. you must align if you want to enjoy it.

And so it is.


(Channeled by John Stringer)

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