It’s not just about this moment

This moment, the now as you call it, is eternity. It is the actual eternal moment but being distracted from it’s power has you convinced that there is past, present and future. In reality, there is just this eternal moment. What you choose to do with it, how you choose to separate it and what you choose to believe about it is your choice. Yet, as you create the beliefs that disempower you, you will feel greater suffering. As you choose the acknowledgement and realization of what you truly are, you begin to awaken to your power, and consciously choose to master the eternal now.

Mastering the moment is about awakening to the realization that you are the one, you are the essence of all life, the eternal now. There is only this moment that is eternal and you get to choose what to create within it. Awaken by aligning, letting go, allowing. The order does not matter, that you do it is all that is important. Find what works for you and master this moment.

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