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As I sat down to ask a question of my higher self this morning regarding a challenge I had yesterday with my husband, I stumbled across this question I asked a couple of months ago.  This answer is SO true for my suffering (at anytime) I wanted to share it in case it helps someone else. I am so grateful to be open to how to tap in and be led my higher knowing…THANK YOU!!!


How can I release the questions & resistance around things that do not line up with the way my ego wants them to be?

You can always release resistance when you allow things to be as they are. You have a habit of holding on to the way things have been and it is holding you back from really stepping in to your joy. Most of the battles you create in your life are around your resistance to what is. You resist and then you make up a story that causes you suffering.

If you want to release the suffering let go of the habit of needing to know how things should unfold. Believe in your higher self and know that it is always leading you to higher good. If you dont feel like ”All is Well and Always Is” then your ego is taking you down a road of suffering. Ask yourself “is this thought I am thinking coming from  All Is Well” and if not shift and say “Align , Allow  & Let Go”. Breath deep and release.

And so it is.

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