Accepting it All

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Whatever you accept you go beyond…that is the miracle. Eckhart Tolle

What am I called to be today?

What we are called here for is to be in the moment and accept all as it is. The statement that speaks to you is true. When you accept you go beyond the limits you put on yourself. You must trust and know that “All is Well” and if your thoughts and feelings are not of “All is Well” you are not in alignment with the all good, all knowing Source of all. Although that may not feel good, if you can accept it in that moment you will go beyond. You will find your way back to “All is Well” and you will call on this practice when you recognize your thoughts and feelings don’t align with “All is Well”. Every step is perfect, every misstep is perfect. The journey is perfect exactly as it is.

The perfect state is to align with what is. Whatever that may be. Not to try to achieve a different state.

Whatever you accept you go beyond…that is the miracle. Eckhart Tolle

Align , Allow & Let Go

And so it is


Shaking Irritable Feelings

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I received this guidance and thought it might be helpful to share…..

How do I shake the low vibration / irritable feelings?

There is no need to shake these feelings but you need focus on accepting and not judging them.

If you feel into the state of mind that you are in it will open you up to receive new ways of being, new ways of creating the life you want. You must remember it is the resistant to what is that causes the suffering .  There is not suffering in the low vibrations until you give it that meaning.

You must accept as things change and flow in life . It will always be that way. Your job is that of allowing and being in the moment. Letting go of the thoughts of I don’t want it to this be this way when it is what is it is. Find ways to calmly be in the moment and smile. Smile through what you might perceive as suffering and you find yourself shifting.


And so it is

Why Accept It All

Kathy and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and I was honored to speak and sing at Unity of the Triangle in Raleigh, NC where I shared a talk entitled “Why Accept It All.”

As you listen to the talk, I invite you to Align, Allow and Let Go throughout to feel into what you are ready to release so that you might experience what the talk is pointing to:

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Getting Guidance

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As I sat down to ask a question of my higher self this morning regarding a challenge I had yesterday with my husband, I stumbled across this question I asked a couple of months ago.  This answer is SO true for my suffering (at anytime) I wanted to share it in case it helps someone else. I am so grateful to be open to how to tap in and be led my higher knowing…THANK YOU!!!


How can I release the questions & resistance around things that do not line up with the way my ego wants them to be?

You can always release resistance when you allow things to be as they are. You have a habit of holding on to the way things have been and it is holding you back from really stepping in to your joy. Most of the battles you create in your life are around your resistance to what is. You resist and then you make up a story that causes you suffering.

If you want to release the suffering let go of the habit of needing to know how things should unfold. Believe in your higher self and know that it is always leading you to higher good. If you dont feel like ”All is Well and Always Is” then your ego is taking you down a road of suffering. Ask yourself “is this thought I am thinking coming from  All Is Well” and if not shift and say “Align , Allow  & Let Go”. Breath deep and release.

And so it is.

Asked for help and received

John Abundance Vibration

Today as I did my morning mediation and journaling I was really asking for help in releasing my victim consciousness around actions in life that I viewed as happening to me.   I am grateful to be able to tap in a receive guidance.  The guidance I received today led me to use the alignment exercise in John Stringer’s book  The Abundance Vibration on page 69. As I followed the exercise I was given a CLEAR message of :

Release the Judgment : Everything is Perfect Exactly How It Is

Once I started looking at all the actions I was having so much resistance to and accepting them all as perfect EXACTLY how they are right now, I could feel a sense of bliss and knowing come over me.

I am grateful!