Being an Empath: Eight Tips on How to Function When You Feel It All!

If you are a strong empath and clairsentient it can be a bit of a navigational exercise to learn how to function when you have information coming in at you in the form of feelings, sensations and emotions all the time. How do you function?

Learning to set boundaries is the first thing that needs to be acknowledged straight out of the gate. Setting boundaries is an act of loving yourself, since you can grow to resent the time and energy you give to others that you aren’t necessarily even giving to yourself. Setting boundaries means knowing what works best for you, feels right for you and making sure other’s emotions and feelings don’t start to squish your own. And finally, setting boundaries is a practice in and of itself that you can get better and better at with time. And that’s exciting.

In addition, at some point an empath who wants to function needs to start thinking about the feelings or sensations they are getting as simply a leaping point for them to say, “ok, I’ve noticed this and it’s not mine, what question do I ask or what action do I take next?” Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling like every single animal and person needs your help simply because you are tuning in to their emotional wavelengths. Keep in mind that too much ’empathy’ without acknowledging it as information only, can create the perfect cocktail for being made too vulnerable and being exploited.

Although I am very empathic and quite honestly work on reigning it in when it comes to family and traumas or terrible stories I’ve witnessed, for the most part I have found ways to keep boundaries with clients and students so that I’m comfortable with the amount of empathy I feel, and feel appreciative and grateful for when it helps me with a reading.

So with that, I thought I’d post a few, ‘May I Suggest?’ (s)!

Suggestion #1
Just because you feel something does not mean you are automatically obliged to jump in and help. In fact, it may not be in the person’s best interest or desired path for you to do so.

Suggestion #2
Learning to enhance your other abilities such as visualization/clairvoyance will give you more tools to clear away and unattach from that which you are no longer needing to be connected with. Working with the red chalk meditation in the library of this program where you are creating and erasing is a great exercise to practice and adapt to using your ability to manipulate and clear thought forms and energy that are not yours.

Suggestion #3
I begin my day and readings with a repetitive statement that I use and have established with my Guides/Higher Self etc. You can absolutely use it too or use your own. You’ll already be familiar with it if you’ve practiced the recorded or written meditations in the MMM site.

“Almighty G-d/Spirit/Universe/All/Higher Self/Angels and Guides (pick your pleasure or combo), I thank you and ask you for your continued protection, guidance and healing.”

Where a) the protection automatically includes that you are being protected by Energies or Beings that match your vibration and/or are higher, b) that you receive guidance from the highest of sources and c) that healing as needed is being received.

The power of repeating a statement builds up energy in a person’s psyche and the thought forms or wavelengths that creates, (YOU CREATE because you can) are more powerful and YOU implant it! Repetition can clear our minds, energy fields and matter from space.

Suggestion #4
Work with color! When you are sensing something strongly that overwhelms you and brings you anxiety or feeling less able to deal with your own ‘self’, close your eyes and give that energy a color. Remember color is just a way of visualizing the invisible energy. So, ask what is the color of the energy that forms the basis of what I’m feeling? Where is it in the body or body’s energy field? Does it need to be released or removed? Is there a different color representing a different state of being that needs to be increased? Once we know or even have just the slightest sense of those colors, all you have to do is effect change is imagine the flow and release of those colors.

Suggestion #5
here is a fine line between being ethical and caring and thinking you must take responsibility for what you feel from others. Mic Drop! (it’s simple but powerful and empaths tend to neglect that juicy bit!)

Suggestion #6
Ask for the opposite of what you are feeling. If you are feeling someone’s fear or anger, ask/pray for feelings of joy, love and optimism. If you feel someone’s sadness, recite in your mind that you are thankful and ask for continued laughter and peace. Believe when you thank and ask and visualize, you actually MAKE IT SO.

Suggestion #7
When you feel yourself going down the empath rabbit hole remind yourself, really remind yourself that it’s not always necessary for US to know why or what this person is going through because each soul is on its own path. In a reading, of course it will be your guide to accessing what’s going on for them and perhaps get further information on how those feelings can be healed. But, before you let someone else’s pain envelop you and bring you down on a regular basis – breathe, and remember they are going through this situation for a reason. Then trust that there is a flow and a reason for it.

Suggestion #8
You can easily start each day by preparing yourself beforehand. Surrounding yourself with white light- your very own psychic protection is a strong, simple exercise that dictates how you want to interact with Energy.

You can do this on the fly too by silently surround yourself and your personal space with a white, opaque or luminous light.
It will help you be protected from the energy drain. Assign that this light does just that.

You can use pink light too or any color that makes you feel surrounded by optimism, joy, laughter and positivity.

Surround the other person with it too. How’s that for a loving gesture without taking their emotions full on as your load?
I often imagine sending them ooey goey loving light that is soothing and relaxing.

I’d love to end with what I said at the beginning. It is a priority to keep your vibration cup full by doing things that fill YOU up and bring you satisfaction and joy. There are of course several visual exercises and techniques that you can learn and bring in to your practice. I’m going to put them on my list to add to our program and for future webinars but I hoped this helped get you started in the meantime in creating your own loving boundaries that will serve us ALL.


~ Arlene Moshe

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