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About Arlene Moshe

"I have been blessed to have had Arlene as a teacher for classes like Spiritual Healing etc. I have had readings from Arlene before in classes and privately. The messages were always delivered with so much compassion and kindness not to mention how very accurate she was and continues to be. She truly has a gift! I was so excited when I found out she was doing readings again that I quickly signed up and was amazed how she connected with my Guides. She confirmed information I already knew about and she gave me information that is helping me make decisions to move forward along my path with comfort and peace." ~Bonnie A. Scarborough

Arlene is an experienced intuitive counsellor and clairvoyant channeler that has shown hundreds of people like you that with the right training, practice, alignment and guidance, anyone can learn to access their intuitive or inner wisdom and perform detailed and accurate readings or channellings. She is passionate about demonstrating to people that there’s zero need to decide between a highly intuitive/spiritual life or your physical life. You can do both. You are both. Why hone your intuitive abilities? It is when you find your own inner power and peace that you can feel truly satisfied. A good reading or message allows you to focus on you in the present moment and see what is working for you and what you might alter in order to have the future you desire. Fun fact: Arlene likens herself to Hermione of the Harry Potter series. She was not an immediate natural ‘wizard’ like Harry, rather she dedicated herself to practice and commitment to become a competent intuitive reader with integrity! For more about Arlene, visit www.intuitivereadingswitharlene.com

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