Are you listening?

There is a constant chatter and constant thoughts in your consciousness from the limited thoughts you have constructed, the limiting beliefs and the false judgments based on the appearances you have created. You are the master of it all, yet somehow, you have decided to forget and limit yourself to these fantastic constructs. These parodies of what you are do not allow you to experience the bliss of being, the connectedness of living and the majesty of creating when you believe you are a limited powerless creation subject to harm and suffering. The way to awaken and remember again is aligning with the Source of what you are, the essence of who you are and returning to your rightful sanity. Awakening from the delusion of form is not hard when you choose to align from moment to moment. It is tempting to stay in the suffering because it is what you remember now. But realize that once you have decided to commit to practices that work for you, to commit to aligning, allowing and letting go of what no longer serves you, you open the door to a new way of being, a new way of seeing, a new way of creating… becoming the conscious master that you truly are. You master each moment through aligning. From there, you can see clearly and know exactly what to create in any moment. You begin to master the conscious creation of frequencies you desire and fulfilment, bliss, joy peace, every good thing is yours for the willing.

This is the path of awakening and it’s benefits are many. Do not be deceived by the beliefs of this world, by the fears and comings and goings of thoughts that tell you something is wrong, all is not well and the like. This is just the nonsense you have believed in to learn what it is like to feel limited. Separate. Tainted. But it is not real. It is all a figment of your imagination that you have created and chosen to forget who you really are. Wake up, my child. Wake up. For this is nothing to fear. There is no evil, no harm, no death, no thing to worry about. It’s all an illusion that appears so real because you have attached yourself to it and decided not to let go. When you are ready, align and we will awaken within you, assisting you to remember that which sets you free. You are limitless love and light. You are the only begotten essence that underlies the dream. You are the sun, the moon, the stars, the space, the breath, the love, the joy, the bliss, the music, the universe. You are it all. Wake up and be free!

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