Health, Strength, Happiness: Whim Hof Method

If you’ve attended some of our past retreats, you’ve heard me talk about cold showers and my introduction to Whim Hof, an amazing human with 21 Guinness World Records and who has been scientifically tested to have amazing results in health, strength and happiness.

I watched other interviews on him some time ago and had the fortune of staying with one of his students in Canada during one of my speaking tours.  Thanks to her testimonial and that of best selling author, Tim Ferris, I started taking cold showers frequently.  Over the last few months,  I’ve done them a lot less frequently and I had a recent health lesson where my internal guidance lead me to find out more about his method and go a bit deeper with it.  I’m grateful I did .

If you’d like to increase power in these areas, I highly recommend checking the Whim Hof method out and joining me on the #21daycoldshowerchallenge.

First, here’s a wonderful documentary from VICE on him:

Thanks to checking his official site out, I started the free Whim Hof Method mini-course and after just 3 days, I’m already experiencing amazing results in health and energy. The mini course focuses on breathwork, cold water and mindset over 3 short days. You can check it out and join me by clicking the image below:

You’ll also see that what he shares regarding mindset in Day 3 is on point with what we share in our courses as well!

Enjoy and let us know how it goes in the comments!