Why Accept It All

Kathy and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and I was honored to speak and sing at Unity of the Triangle in Raleigh, NC where I shared a talk entitled “Why Accept It All.”

As you listen to the talk, I invite you to Align, Allow and Let Go throughout to feel into what you are ready to release so that you might experience what the talk is pointing to:

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From John’s daily Journal practice

This morning, I felt a mix of gratitude and discontent, so I’d like to share the practice I use in journaling and aligning in the mornings as part of my spiritual practice.  The following is an excerpt from my Journal:

Note: I began with writing down what I was grateful for and then, began recognizing and writing down what else I was feeling and thinking here:
I want ease in my life: ease, flow and more miracles
To see the perfection moment to moment and be always willing to allow source to guide
 (Note: Below, I align and ask the question I’d like answered through typing it and then type out the answer I receive to the question.. a form of written channeling)
What do I need to know about what I’m feeling?
You are feeling a sense of both surrender and sadness. The heart chakra is opening more to your true feeling and purpose, to be committed to love, to who you are, to your Self and to let go of resistance and fear around all the past hurt you have created, the story of abandonment, the story of abuse, the story of selfishness and harm, that story has run its’ course, is old and no longer need be played
You are now in a space of newness, bringing about a new song, a new creation for the world to heal itself of addiction to suffering, to limitation, to skewed perspectives and blocks
The good is here always. That is all that is in everyday
You are simply inviting others to take the journey with you in seeing it, being it, knowing it, frolicking in it
Do not fear the love you are. For all that arises is you, all that arises is your creation and you can reclaim it in your light and love, indoor alignment
Do not seek to understand, seek to experience, to know the truth, to align and know
The discontent you feel you think is from not enough clarity, but that would be lack.  You simply need be here now and let any clarity arise in the moment.
For right now, you want to feel or desire to feel that all is well and trust what is arising, trust that you know enough and there is no lack. This is the truth you seek at the highest level. Yes. What need be given will be.  What you need now you have. Do not fear or think that there is less in the world than what is exactly what you need right now.  Only know that you are infinitely blessed and be grateful that this is true.
And so it is.
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Getting Guidance

close up kate wedding

As I sat down to ask a question of my higher self this morning regarding a challenge I had yesterday with my husband, I stumbled across this question I asked a couple of months ago.  This answer is SO true for my suffering (at anytime) I wanted to share it in case it helps someone else. I am so grateful to be open to how to tap in and be led my higher knowing…THANK YOU!!!


How can I release the questions & resistance around things that do not line up with the way my ego wants them to be?

You can always release resistance when you allow things to be as they are. You have a habit of holding on to the way things have been and it is holding you back from really stepping in to your joy. Most of the battles you create in your life are around your resistance to what is. You resist and then you make up a story that causes you suffering.

If you want to release the suffering let go of the habit of needing to know how things should unfold. Believe in your higher self and know that it is always leading you to higher good. If you dont feel like ”All is Well and Always Is” then your ego is taking you down a road of suffering. Ask yourself “is this thought I am thinking coming from  All Is Well” and if not shift and say “Align , Allow  & Let Go”. Breath deep and release.

And so it is.

Being Right

It is true that there is no wrong and there is no right. Therefore, being right is a construct. It is not wrong or right. It is simply a construct you have designed to create separation and judge something as not the other. This in and of itself creates suffering. Thus, anytime you feel the need to be right and another wrong, you are suffering. This is easily remedied through alignment. Aligning is simple, yet only as easy as your willingness to let go of attachment to the construct, to the belief. The root of the belief is your maintaining separation and your own judgment of what you are. What you truly are. The judgment of what you are is seeing all that is as somehow separate. All that is is actually whole, complete and one… which is what you are: all that is. Thus, when you see all that is, or any part you focus on aof all that is, as separate and different, you suffer. See all that is as all part of the one. Even the illusion itself is all part of the whole. Yes. When you separate the illusion and judge it as something different than the whole, you create suffering. The illusion, though appearing as form and not really form, but consciousness and energy taking appearance, is truly all part of the one – part of you. Thus, anytime you see the whole as separate from you, you suffer. Thus , see all that is as you, as the whole, perfect and complete. This will alleviate the suffering. This will open your awareness in ways that release the fragmented view of all that is. Do not see anything as less than or greater than, different or special. Instead, see it all, accept it all, as perfect, whole, complete and part of the divine you, Source, consciousness.

And so it is.

(Channelled by John Stringer)