There are no words for truth

The reality is there are no words for truth. The words you use are just symbols for the vibrations and frequencies they carry. The truth is there are no words for anything because there is nothing but consciousness and source energy. You have created the meaning for it all because you have the power to do so and you have chosen to use that power to create a multitude of meaning. Some of this meaning is being released by you and some is being made a new. You have realized that many of the words, the labels, the meaning you have created is not in alignment with who you truly are and as you release these labels, these words, these ideas, you begin to awaken to the power of healing through letting go. You are letting go of the investment of meaning and belief as you align, allow and let go, and it is bringing about your true nature through the essence of what you are and who you are. You are indeed here to be the light and to enjoy the bliss that you are, however, if you continue to hold on to the things that cause separation beliefs and skewed perspectives of limitation, you will do nothing but suffer.

This is a clear warning that the only thing you truly have to fear is your own belief in separation. It is the cause of fear. It is not a matter of facing your fears as it is letting them go by releasing the beliefs causing them. This is the purpose of this message and we hope that you will head it in your practices. Let go of the fear of expanding into the abilities you have been provided and expand into the joy of conscious creation – the blessing of enjoying the illusion without resisting the ever temporal nature of it or identifying with it and thus limiting yourself in your own beliefs. The suffering is optional. Yes, it is a great teacher, but at some point, when you have had enough, remember who you are. Limitless love and light!

And so it is.

(Channeled by John Stringer)

It’s not just about this moment

This moment, the now as you call it, is eternity. It is the actual eternal moment but being distracted from it’s power has you convinced that there is past, present and future. In reality, there is just this eternal moment. What you choose to do with it, how you choose to separate it and what you choose to believe about it is your choice. Yet, as you create the beliefs that disempower you, you will feel greater suffering. As you choose the acknowledgement and realization of what you truly are, you begin to awaken to your power, and consciously choose to master the eternal now.

Mastering the moment is about awakening to the realization that you are the one, you are the essence of all life, the eternal now. There is only this moment that is eternal and you get to choose what to create within it. Awaken by aligning, letting go, allowing. The order does not matter, that you do it is all that is important. Find what works for you and master this moment.

Know that all is well

It is not hard to be in the now, to be centered, present, aligned. Whatever label you assign to this state, the key is finding the practices that assist you in experiencing it from moment to moment. We use the word align because it is the closest translation to point to what we are referencing but to truly know what we are pointing to you must align. This brings the experience, the knowing. Let go of your expectations of what this process means, what it yields, etc. and just practice it. Alignment brings you everything you need in the moment by guiding and expanding your awareness so that you can see the all that is available to you as well as the choices you’re making. If you are ready for a different experience, align so that you might choose differently.

The simplicity of this practice is your saving grace, if you will. It is not something beyond you. Just by giving your will to the practice, you can experience the relief it brings. Alignment lets you release suffering. If you are not aligned, you are in resistance, distracted by something unreal, and thus in a state of perpetual suffering. The temporal thrill that you get is your own creation and does not last because it is not the eternal essence you are focused on. You are experiencing the eternal essence at all times, though limited by your choosing to believe in limitation instead of limitlessness.

You are limitless in every way. Only you choose to experience that limitless or not, but it does not change the fact of what you are. For your nature is changeless. You will always be all powerful, limitless in what you can create. Should you let go of the illusion that you are limited and align with who you truly are, you begin to shed the ego, the conditioned thinking that comes up with een a meaning for what it means to be all powerful, and instead, you see this power in terms of love, limitless love and light.

We are guiding you ever so gently with not just words and pointers, but with frequencies activated to assist you in letting go. Should you wish to release any suffering, simply know that your guides, the extensions of yourself, are here to assist in your awakening and all you need to is ask. Source, that which you are an extension of, is ever present, ready for you to engage your will so that it might say yes to your requests. It is up to you to receive by saying yes. By letting go of the unworthiness beliefs, by releasing the attachments to the old creations and beliefs and making way for the new.

The new is emerging. you must align if you want to enjoy it.

And so it is.


(Channeled by John Stringer)

Letting go

Part of letting go is letting go of all that is telling you something is wrong, not right or not well. This includes the feelings you interpret as wrong… it is not the feeling that needs to be gotten rid of.. It is the meaning or the interpretation that needs to be released for this causes suffering through your resistance of what is. Accepting what is and letting go of the misinterpretation of the feeling allows you to release energy being spent judging and miscreating resistance and allow that energy to be used in a way that does not cause suffering. The way to allow that energy to be used for a way that creates peace is to accept the feeling, allow it to be and simply align so that the correction can take place to help you release the meanng, the blocks that caused you to misinterpret what is in the first place. How this happens in particular is completely up to your highest self which knows exactly how to correct the perspective and remove the block. This is not for your logical mind to figure out. It is for your will to allow the highest self, highest consciousness to sort and shift as needed. So, the letting go of the need to analyze and “understand” what is going on is replaced by a surrender to the knowing that gives you whatever you need to realize what you are holding on to in the first place so you can let it go.. If you allow and decide to.

This is the part of the Align, allow, let go meditation that helps you release consciously whatever is blocking your experience of the peace that is already here. You are simply miscreating the sense of no peace though your resistance and miscreated meaning – misinterpretation of what is.

So, to put it simply, when you let go, focus on letting go of the beliefs and labels, the judgments and meaning you have created about what you are experiencing and know that only thoughts that assure you all is well with what you feel or experience or thoughts in alignment with what truly is.

Let go of anything that tells you otherwise. Your practice of alignment will assist you in doing this… will expand your awareness so you know what you are holding on to subconsciously so you can consciously release it and allow the source energy to clear the block. Then, relief and peace, the letting go of the suffering can unfold. Yes.

And so it is.

Are you listening?

There is a constant chatter and constant thoughts in your consciousness from the limited thoughts you have constructed, the limiting beliefs and the false judgments based on the appearances you have created. You are the master of it all, yet somehow, you have decided to forget and limit yourself to these fantastic constructs. These parodies of what you are do not allow you to experience the bliss of being, the connectedness of living and the majesty of creating when you believe you are a limited powerless creation subject to harm and suffering. The way to awaken and remember again is aligning with the Source of what you are, the essence of who you are and returning to your rightful sanity. Awakening from the delusion of form is not hard when you choose to align from moment to moment. It is tempting to stay in the suffering because it is what you remember now. But realize that once you have decided to commit to practices that work for you, to commit to aligning, allowing and letting go of what no longer serves you, you open the door to a new way of being, a new way of seeing, a new way of creating… becoming the conscious master that you truly are. You master each moment through aligning. From there, you can see clearly and know exactly what to create in any moment. You begin to master the conscious creation of frequencies you desire and fulfilment, bliss, joy peace, every good thing is yours for the willing.

This is the path of awakening and it’s benefits are many. Do not be deceived by the beliefs of this world, by the fears and comings and goings of thoughts that tell you something is wrong, all is not well and the like. This is just the nonsense you have believed in to learn what it is like to feel limited. Separate. Tainted. But it is not real. It is all a figment of your imagination that you have created and chosen to forget who you really are. Wake up, my child. Wake up. For this is nothing to fear. There is no evil, no harm, no death, no thing to worry about. It’s all an illusion that appears so real because you have attached yourself to it and decided not to let go. When you are ready, align and we will awaken within you, assisting you to remember that which sets you free. You are limitless love and light. You are the only begotten essence that underlies the dream. You are the sun, the moon, the stars, the space, the breath, the love, the joy, the bliss, the music, the universe. You are it all. Wake up and be free!

On money & business, personal finances and love

The following daily guidance are answers from a channeling session where John Stringer received answers for another that you may also benefit from:


Q1: Are there any insights as to how I can best continue build lucrative bridges between my personal financial status with the work I am doing to create and demonstrate sustainable/regenerative, LOVE-centered businesses around the world, especially in the financial, business, banking and governmental sectors?

RL: Your focus on alignment with your true self will guide you to exactly what your true purpose and your true intentions are. Your desires will be fulfilled by you simply staying present moment to moment and you will attract the very things that will enable you to accomplish great business goals in each area you desire. it is less complicated when focusing first on your own alignment. Then, things began to get clearer and easier. Once aligned, the resources began to come to you vs you having to determine, decide, plan and figure out how to get the resources. It is a matter of continuous alignment that makes your path unfold as it should. Although your efforts and planning are valuable tools to help you get clear on your intentions, they are not the means for you to manifest what you desire. It is a matter of alignment. A matter of inspired action through alignment that will manifest what you truly seek.

Now, your best efforts are alignment and clarity. Aligning with source and determining what you want clearly so that your intentions match with your alignment. Then, all things will manifest as they should.

Q2: Are there any questions from the realm of Spirit/LOVE in order for me to better assist/practice/refine more LOVE/Heaven on Earth?

RL: It appears that you are wanting to know how to manifest more love in your own life, to create alignment in your own life and those around you. Given that is what we believe you are seeking, we will again direct your attention to continuous alignment. Growing in understanding of who you truly are. It is a matter of awareness or presence and your focus on the bigger picture – meaning not the limited self, not the self that you have been conditioned to believe is you, but your focus on the greater self. Your focus on leaving the limited self behind by redirecting your attention on your greater self, who you truly are – the divine connection to source in the very image of the divine, as an extension of the divine.

You must simply focus your attention on continuous alignment with source through focus on love, through focus on limitless love, through focus on feelings and thoughts of love and through leaving your conditioned mind, your conditioned thinking, your ego behind.



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